Judo Training

pg3_bob_alex_3x4.jpg Judo is similar to wrestling but includes joint locking and choking techniques. It is excellent for developing many essential attributes necessary for strong self-defense. Since 1964, it has been a popular Olympic sport. Many of our students enjoyed success in local, regional and national tournaments. While some participate in judo for fun or to build a base for their MMA training.

pg3j_picture023_4x3.jpg Peter medals at Pedro's Tournament. Carmela and Don take 2nd and 3rd place at the Wildcat Tournament. pg3j_picture076_3x4.jpg

Everyone enjoys the challenges of learning new judo techniques and working together to help each other improve their technique. pg3j_picture043_4x3.jpg
pg2_judo001_5x4.jpg pg1_picture029_4x3.jpg

Paladin club members compete at a number of tournaments throughout the year. champ002.jpg
champ001.jpg champ004.jpg
champ003.jpg champ005.jpg