Boxing is for everyone

Boxing is for men, women, teens and kids. All enjoy the conditioning and skills gained. For novice, to amateur and professionals.

USA Boxing Certified Boxing Coaches

Club members enjoy the individualized instruction from Coach Bill Kamataris a certified top boxing coach of Amateur and Professional fighters and a fighter himself as well as other USA Boxing certified coaches. Under Bill Kamataris direction, and our other coaches train for an upcoming bout or just for fun and conditioning. Whatever the goal training is available. Pictured here are club members who have successfully competed in New England boxing competitions.

Boxer's Workout/Fitness

Many enjoy boxing for its superior fitness benefits while some enjoy getting together to train on the various equipment and to get one-on-one instruction. You can train during the boxing training hours evenings during the week. Some members enjoy participating in this aspect of our club. Others use it to improve their skills and conditioning in conjunction with the other programs. box311.jpg
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