Frequently Asked Questions

Do you have to train entire time alotted for boxing ?

No, you do not have to train for the entire time allotted. The club is open for a given period of time for boxing on the evenings listed in our schedule. But the boxing program is an open training session. You will be given a training regime that is right for you which should take about an hour to complete. You can attend anytime during the alotted time and train at your own pace.

What does the membership cost cover ?

The membership covers any training we offer. You can train in Boxing, Judo, Pankration, any of the disciplines for the same fee. Ask any instructor about any training you are interested in taking.

Do you need an outfit to train in judo or Pankration/MMA ?

The judo program requires a judo outfit called a Judo Gi or Gi (pronounced ghee). You can attend a few initial classes without the Gi but ultimately it is best to have one as many techniques require the use of a gi to practice them.
The Pankration/MMA training is typically done in comfortable workout clothes, like shorts and a t-shirt or sweats, so a Gi is not required.

Do we need to bring our own boxing equipment ?

For the first couple of classes you may use club equipment, but eventually you will want to buy a set of your own hand wraps and boxing gloves. We have them at a reasonable price and of good quality. You may use your own equipment but will need to have the instructor verify it is adequate.