Welcome to our club

selfdefr002.jpg Paladin Martial Arts Center offers a variety of programs to suit most everyones ability and interest. Whether you are new to martial arts, a seasoned martial artist, or a professional competitor, our club will provide excellent training for you. Programs are led by instructors with decades of training, competition and teaching experience from a wide variety of martial art disciplines who have come together to provide some of the most comprehensive training available anywhere.
The clubs atmosphere is friendly and helpful. Each member is expected to help their training partners to improve their skills. This way, every member becomes the best they can be. This training philosophy benefits even the most skilled members. selfdef001.jpg
boxing_4x3.jpg For those who wish to participate in tournaments, we will help you achieve your goals. Many successful competitors have trained with us and have won in local, regional, national and even world tournaments in a variety of combat sports.

Benefits of our Training

selfdef004.jpg Martial arts training is the best physical conditioning available. Training works the upper and lower body. You will gain strength, endurance, muscle tone, flexibility and agility along with cadio conditioning as you gain self-defense skills.
Martial arts training can be an excellent tool to build character. The inherent challenges provide opportunities for growth in self-discipline, self-control, respect for others, focus, patitence, persistance, attention to detail, confidence balanced with humility, goal setting and attainment, and working with others for mutual benefit. Participation enriches each students life. Character building is our most important work. Ultimately, as each student develops a leadership role in the class, they develop more confidence in that role and better communication skills which enhance every aspect of their lives.