We offer complete martial arts training by experienced instructors in a helpful and friendly environment. Our programs are led by experienced certified instructors from a wide variety of backgrounds who have come together to produce some of the best training available anywhere.

We have training in judo, boxing, jiu-jitsu, self-defense and MMA. Membership gives you the opportunity to train in several different programs which include Boxing, Judo, Jiu-Jitsu, Pankration, MMA and kicking.

Training Facility

We have one of the largest facilities in the area. With a full compliment of boxing equipment and boxing ring. Also a thick, 50 foot square mat for judo, wrestling and MMA training.
DSC04342.jpg new_judoMat_4x3DSC04361.jpg
IMG_0814_2x3.jpg We have a full line of universal weight equipment for conditioning training.


Students train cooperatively in judo to build their skills as a base for training in sport competition, self defense programs or just for the fun of learning the skills.



Many enjoy boxing for its superior fitness benefits. Others use it to improve their skills and conditioning in conjunction with the other programs


Mixed Martial Arts, MMA

MMA is a combat sport that includes, strikes, kicks, take-downs, chokes, arm-bars, leg-bars and more. Recently the MSA (Mass Submission Academy, Team Elite) as joined Paladin. Stop in to find out more about this program and meet the instructors Keith Rockel. Lewis Rodriguez and Shawn Depaul. Pictured here are UFC Vet, Ring of Fury and Hook n Shoot Champ Keith Rockel. Also pictured are Boxing Champ and MMA Competitor Luis Rodriquez.
rockel_1x3.jpg luis_2x3.jpg


Kickboxing is also essential for a complete martial artist. While boxing tends to be 70% to 90% of the effectiveness in kickboxing, kicking skills and the ability to defend against them are mandatory for comprehensive training. Kickboxing is fantastic physical conditioning. Our kicking class is a combination of aerobic and core strengthing along with proper kicking technique, led by a high ranking black belt in IsshinRyu Karate.
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Self-Defense and Paladin Jiu-Jitsu

We have a robust self defense program for any level of student. Ask about our self-defense training. Paladin Jiu-Jitsu is a complete martial arts, combat sport and self-defense training system. Learn strikes, throws, joint locks, chokes, ground fighting, strategy and self-defense.

Some of our Tournament Winners

Here are some of our tournament competitors. Pictured here are New England Judo Champions Peter Vicherek and Andrew Algarin.
nechamp001.jpg nechamp002.jpg
And here are New England Boxing Champions Denise Gonsalez and Ranse Andino and World Masters Judo Champion Diana Weisbach and Peter with just some of his many judo medals.
nechamp006.jpg peter_medals_2x2.jpg